Aerobix, Inc. now offers Personal Training.

Our certified personal trainer offers the very best personalized services to help you achieve your fitness goals. Let us come to your home or office for great classes or personal training. Contact Us for form information.

Welcome fitness enthusiasts and those just starting out. We have been in business for more than 35 years, helping people in the Northern Virginia area get fit and stay fit – whether through our group classes or personal training. From our humble beginning of offering aerobic dance classes to our current offerings of more than 30 classes each week, Aerobix, Inc. offers the latest and safest fitness classes and training to help you become a stronger, healthier you. Our instructors and personal trainer are certified so you know you are in good hands. You can register for an Aerobix, Inc. class through the Arlington County Recreation Department or contact us directly for personal training and other classes. Fitness should be fun as well as rewarding. Let’s have some fun together. Stay fit, Hope Powers President, Aerobix, Inc.

Meet Our Trainer

As the owner of Aerobix, Inc., Hope knows the effort it takes to manage a healthy lifestyle. She’s here to show you how to manage yours successfully!


Through Arlington County

Aerobix, Inc. offers classes through the Arlington County Recreation Department.  Scroll down to register for a class through the county.

Small Group Training and Classes

Need a workout routine tailored just for you or your small group? Do something healthy for yourself and your friends, co-workers or family. We can design a class or a series of classes just for you. Think about adding an energizing and fun session at your next special event, conference or gathering. Aerobix, Inc. will custom design a fitness class to offer at your conference. Get your meeting off to a great start with a morning stretch session, or work out the kinks with a vigorous class in the middle or end of the day. We do classes for attendees, spouses, guests or mixed groups. We can do a single class or a serious of classes throughout your event. Take a look at our class descriptions to see what we offer. We can customize a class just for your group.

Add a memorable event for Conference Attendees or their guests. Aerobix will custom design a fitness class for you to offer your conference goers. Get your meetings off to a great start with a morning stretching session, or work out the kinks with a vigorous class.We do classes for attendees, spouses, guests or mixed groups. We can do a single class or a series of classes throughout your event.Take a look at our class descriptions to see the kinds of activities we can combine into a class just for your group.

In Your Office

Are you and your co-workers too busy to go to the gym for a class? Do you wish a fitness class would come to your office? You provide the space and we’ll provide the instruction. We set up a class to fit your schedule and group needs. You are only limited by the size of the room. Don’t know what will work for your group? Look at our class descriptions for some ideas or give us a call to learn more. We’ll design something just for you.

Absolutely Abs
Focus on the core and strengthen the entire body in this fast-paced 30 minute class. The workout alternates back, side and abdominal strengthening to stabilize the trunk, improve posture and create a trimmer waistline.
Aerobix At The Barre
This is a total body workout that strengthens, lengthens and tones your body to help accomplish fitness goals. It integrates fat-burning interval training with muscle shaping exercises to quickly and safely reshape the entire body. Bare feet preferred – shoes optional!!
Body Sculpting
This hour-long weight-training class focuses on form, posture and increasing lean body mass by using weights to work the entire body.
Broadway Fitness
Do you love to listen and dance to Broadway show tunes? Our low-impact Broadway Fitness class gives a great cardiovascular workout. This one hour dance exercise class includes leg work and crunches and will have you dancing (and humming) the rest of the day!
Cardio Dance
After a ten minute warm-up that includes static stretching and upper body toning, get ready to enjoy a fast paced aerobic workout that can be done either high or low impact. Work at an increased heart rate for 30 to 40 minutes more and then begin to cool down. Class closes with toning, crunches and relaxation.
Orignally designed by Joseph Pilates, this class focuses on core strengthening as well as posture and allignment. Increasingly difficult moves will help you feel stronger, stand straighter and feel more powerful yet graceful.
Sculpting Yoga
Add strength training to your yoga practice. You will integrate body strengthening techniques as you use light weights while you hold poses.
Strength and Stretch
40 minutes of body sculpting and toning is followed by 20 minutes of yoga type stretching will relax muscles and relieve aches and pains.
Strength Through Movement
This mind/body class draws from Pilates, Yoga and Barre to work muscles large and small that are sometimes ignored in other classes. If you are feeling stuck in your workout and are ready for a change, this class will work your body in new and different ways.
Explore yogic poses and asanas to calm and strengthen the body in a non-competitive environment. Yoga helps restore flexibility that is diminished with age, eases tensions as well as strengthens the body.
Fuse latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a dynamic fitness program that will blow you away. The goal is simple: to want to work out, to love working out, to get hooked. Zumba fanatics achieve long term benefits while experiencing an absolute blast in one exhilarating hour of caloric-burning, body-energizing movements meant to engage and captivate!

Class Information

Get ready for SPRING and SUMMER
Aerobix, Inc. for fitness and mind-body classes. We have great offerings and wonderful instructors!

Classes begin Friday, April 13, 2018

Registrations are accepted by Web or mail at 3700 S Four Mile Run Dr, Arlington, VA 22206 as of 3/7/18. Register by mail or online at https://registration.arlingtonva.us. Telephone and carry in registrations are accepted as of 3/9/18. Telephone registrations: 703-228-4747. Carry in accepted at 3700 S. Four Mile Run Drive. Non-county registrations begin 3/21/18 and participants are charged an additional $20 fee. Classes will not be held on 5/25 and 5/28.


Summer 2018 Classes

Fitness Classes




Class #



Water Aerobix Classes
at Donaldson Run Recreation Assn (DRRA)
2729 Marcey Road, Arlington
(tickets offered through DRRA)

Pay as you go classes begin June 25, 2018 for DRRA classes only!

DRRAM,T, W, Th11a.m.Water AerobixHope
Cardio Dance – 17 classes $139
MadisonM & W9:10 a.m.440325ACarrie
Cardio Dance – 18 classes $148
MadisonT & Th9:40 am440325FEileen*
Cardio Dance – 9 classes $74
MadisonT9:40 a.m.440325BEileen
MadisonT6:30 p.m.440325CHolley
MadisonTh9:40 a.m.440325DEileen
MadisonTh6:30 p.m.440325EHolley
Add A Day Choreographed Cardio – 9 classes $74
MadisonF9:10 a.m.440327ACarrie
Body Sculpt – 17 classes $139
MadisonM & W8:00 a.m.440334AHope
MadisonM & W6:20 p.m.440334BSusie
Body Sculpt – 18  classes $148
MadisonT & Th8:30 a.m.440334CHope
Aerobix At The BARRE – 9 classes $114
LangstonT6:05 p.m.440319ASusie
LangstonTh7:00 p.m.440319BSusie
LangstonF9:45 a.m.440319CShannon
Strength & Stretch – 9 classes $114
ReedM6:30 p.m.440336AEileen
Strength & Stretch – 8 classes $102
ReedW6:30 p.m.440336BEileen
Absolutely Abs – 9 classes $56
LangstonF8:00 a.m.440365BHope
Pilates Level 1 – 9 classes $133
LangstonM9:30 a.m.440860AAllison
MadisonM7:25 p.m.440860BSusie
Pilates 1.5 – 9 classes $133
LangstonF8:35 a.m.440863AHope
Pilates 2 – 8 classes $119
MadisonW7:25 p.m.440862AHope
Yoga Level 1 – 9 classes $114
MadisonT7:40 p.m.440904AMeredith
MadisonF8:00 a.m.440904BCarrie
Yoga Level 2 – 9 classes $114
LangstonT7:15 p.m.440913ACarrie
Sculpting Yoga – 9 classes $114
ReedTh7:35 p.m.440906ACarrie
Gentle Yoga – 9 classes $114
MadisonM10:20 a.m.440902AColette
Gentle Yoga – 8 classes $102
MadisonW10:20 a.m.440902BKarin
Yoga Flow – 8 classes $102
LeeW10:00 a.m.440920AEileen
Yoga Flow – 9 classes $114
FairlingtonM10:00 a.m.440920BEileen

Locations of Arlington Parks and Recreation Classes:

Barcroft Center 4200 S Four Mile Run Dr

Lubber Run Center 300 N Park Drive

Fairlington Center 3308 S Stafford Street

Madison Center 3829 N Stafford Street

Donaldson Run Recreation Assn (DRRA) 2729 Marcey Road, Arlington

Langston Brown Center 2121 N Culpepper St

Nottingham School 5900 Little Falls Rd

Lee Center 5722 Lee Highway

Reed School/Westover 1664 N McKinley Road

Barcroft Center

Fairlington Center

Langston Brown Center

Lee Center

Lubber Run Center

Madison Center

Nottingham School

Reed School/Westover

Registrations are accepted online or by web or mail at 3700 S Four Mile Run Dr, Arlington, VA 22206 as of 3/7/18. Register by mail or online at https://registration.arlingtonva.us. Telephone and carry in registrations are accepted as of 3/9/18. Telephone and carry in registrations are accepted as of 5/18/18. Telephone registrations: 703-228-4747. Carry in accepted at 3700 S. Four Mile Run Drive.  Non-county registrations begin 5/30/18 and participants are charged an additional $20 fee. Classes will not be held on 7/4, 2018. 


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